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Dual cameras in smartphones: Everything you need to know

By h.a7865253 » 2017-3-5 13:43  Post Time [Android Tutorials] [Copy Link]

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Dual cameras in smartphones: Everything you need to know

How much better can smartphone cameras get? They're already really good — enough to replace point-and-shoots for most purposes. But manufacturers may have hit a ceiling when it comes to quality because of the traditional smartphone limitations: they have to keep thickness and weight down.


What exactly is a dual camera setup?

If you look around the back of a phone, you'll see a tiny camera lens. In a smartphone, the camera module is quite tiny, owing to the fact that the phone itself has to be slim. Inside this tiny module, they have to fit in multiple lens elements, an image sensor and sometimes even tiny motors for optical image stabilization. For dual, you'll see two lenses, placed side by side horizontally or vertically. This means the device will have two complete, independent camera modules.

Typically, one of them is the primary lens that does all the major lifting while the secondary lens works on capturing additional light, increasing the field of view or helps with a nice background blur.


From Coolpad Cool1 Dual

So what does it do, and how?

It's not the first time that the smartphone industry has tried something with dual cameras on smartphones. In the 3D-everything frenzy a few years back, phones such as the htc used dual cameras to take 3D images that could be viewed back on its 3D capable display, but the tech never really took off since it felt gimmicky.
But this is a very different beast. For the very basic model, Corephotonics' tech relies on two cameras, one fixed-focus telephoto with a narrow field of view and a more normal wide-angle camera, and combining the images together with algorithms for a better picture. Corephotonics calls this combination a "computational camera", and claims it offers resolution gains, noise reduction in low light, increased dynamic range and depth analysis. Higher-end modules, such as the new Hawkeye shown above, use a different method, which we'll talk about more in a bit.
And from what I have seen, it works -- and it works amazingly. The demos shown by Corephotonics at Mobile World Congress are the same as what we saw two years ago, but clearly smoother and a lot more optimized. Low-light images feature amazing detail and significantly lower noise, something that phone makers have been trying to achieve with using larger sensors in phones.
While the cameras currently work on the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform, Corephotonics says it is working to bring the tech to other chipsets, such as Samsung's Exynos and Mediatek's processors. In fact, I'm told that an Exynos solution was very much ready and could be completed any day.Corephotonics has three models currently ready for use in phones, the first being a combination of a 13-megapixel and an 8-megapixel camera that gives a maximum 3x optical zoom. The second, its slimmest model, is a combination of two 13-megapixel cameras, though one is black-and-white only, for better low-light shots.Which Is Offerd by Coolpad Cool1 Dual. The third and final new model is a called "Hawkeye" and features two paired 13-megapixel cameras; one's normal and the other uses a proprietary technology that folds the light for 5x optical zoom. It's also capable of optical image stabilisation.

So what is the primary advantage of a dual camera system?

Depending on the type of secondary camera used, a dual camera can help you get a sharper image with more details, enable an ultra-wide angle mode or simply help you take photos with a shallow depth of field to make the subject stand out. At times, the dual camera setup can also help you add 1x or 2x optical zoom to the phone .

From Other Side Some Advantages Which We see on dual camera in cool1 dual are




The Colour and The B&W Sensors Captures Finest

Details in The Darkest Environments




Does this mean dual camera phones will always take better photos that others?

Not necessarily. While the dual camera system does offer excellent results, several other factors such as sensor size, pixel size, aperture and even post processing plays a big role in the result.
Here Are Some Dual Camera Samples Taken By Coolpad Cool1 Dual

195716las5o9ss1qbd1ald.jpg 201043n4szzbfg4uljfc4k.jpg
211629ho531d6aa676azd6.jpg    Coolpad-Cool-1-rear-camera-sample-tree.jpg

Since there are two lenses and sensors, are dual camera smartphones more expensive?

The first set of smartphones with dual cameras that arrived in India last year (Huawei P9, LG G5, iPhone 7 Plus) were premium offerings and thus priced above Rs 35,000. However, the tech has since appeared on entry-level smartphones like the Xolo Black. Towards the end of 2016, we saw the Honor 8 with dual cameras in a sub Rs 30,000 price. Now, in January 2017, dual cameras have mmade an appearance on budget smartphones like Coolpad Cool1 Dual and Honor 6x - both these phones deliver great photo results. Amongs These Two Budget Phone We Fond Cool1 Dual deliver more great shots we posted review by of cool1 vs honor 6x vs One Plus T


OnePlus 3T vs Coolpad Cool 1 vs Honor 6x camera comparison

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Well furnished. Nicely explained bro.

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SKB replied at 2017-3-5 14:06
Well furnished. Nicely explained bro.

Thanks bro

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Nice post like it bro..

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It's cool bro

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Coolpad cool 1s camera app is not advanced as compared to honor 6x

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Dear coolpad we users of coolpad max are expecting an update atleast patch update for problems we are facing i posted n number of post in coolpad max forum but you people seems to me mum about the questions being raised and hence i am posting my question here when are coolpax max users going to get update ?

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Pl. Provide updates and Noughat for cool 1 now.... It's too late compared to other brands phones....

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Cool1 64 GB  ,when launch in India

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Ayurahul replied at 2017-7-4 18:26
Cool1 64 GB  ,when launch in India

No information regarding launched of cool1 64 GB version in India

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I bought  coolpad note 5,  but voice is not coming clear when doing call,  voice stops for seconds in regular frequency.  What to do,  is there have any setting problrm  or i have to replace this one

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How can i solve my heating issue ?

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Update kab ayi ga coolpad cool 1 ka
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