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[Manual Update] V29 ZIP for Note 3 Lite

By admin » 2016-3-6 13:20 Stick [Copy Link]

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Dear Cool fans,
Greetings! We heard that some Cool fans are asking for OTA ROM zip file.
Most customers can find “ system folder” to find wireless update app. And then you can check your cellphone version and update.
Manual Update of Coolpad Note 3,Click Here

SD card update guideline:
1, Put the zip file into the root directory of your SD card.
2, Switch off your Note 3. Press the power button and volume-up for 5-6 seconds.

3, Now Release both buttons, and immediately press and hold volume up button[only volume up]. then you will get 'no command' screen.
4, Now again press and hold power button +volume up button. you will get recovery options.  
[press 3-4 times power button +volume up after "no command" screen... if not working in first time.....]
5, Click volume-down to choose “apply update from SD card”, press power button to confirm.
6, Click volume-down to choose Zip ROM file in your SD card. Press power button to confirm.
7, Then you got into the OTA process, when it is finished, choose “reboot system now”, press power button to confirm. Then let it robot and you will enjoy the latest version.
Any third party who releases the file without quoting Coolpad forums will be held legally responsible!

Warning: Please check the current version of your device and pick the right file before any operation.
Eg. V29 can only be updated from V28.

Download links:

V28-V29 here:
Guest, if you want to see the hidden content, please Reply

1. Optimized battery mode for AC charger
2. Optimized system performance and battery backup
3. Solved Mac address save Bug

V27-V28 here:
Guest, if you want to see the hidden content, please Reply

1. Update LCD Gamma 2.37 specs. (Optimized LCD display)
2. Optimized APP Performance (For lagging and hang)
3. Battery Volume will show right with Power Clean APK

V22-V27 here:
Guest, if you want to see the hidden content, please Reply

V25-V27 here:
Guest, if you want to see the hidden content, please Reply

1. Resolve Auto-capitalization of Google Input Does Not Work in Message
3. Optimized the Themal for Gaming
4. Optimized Camera Effect

5. Fixed Calculator and Memo Bugs
6. Added Data Monitors
7. Setted two modes for charging "Common" and "Efficient". Charging Time Much Improved in Efficent Mode
8. Optimized Display Effects, esp for Black Variant of Note 3 Lite

V15-V19 here:
Guest, if you want to see the hidden content, please Reply

V16-V19 here:
Guest, if you want to see the hidden content, please Reply

V19-V21 here:
Guest, if you want to see the hidden content, please Reply


1. Optimized App performance for music player, telephony, OTA, calender and camera
2. Optimized the thermal
3. Add Reliance Jio APNs
4. Pin settings support more than 4 digits

V21-V22 here:
Guest, if you want to see the hidden content, please Reply

1. Optimized Apps Performance for MusicPlay,OTA
2. Optimized the thermal when playing games
3. Optimized camera effect
[Camera Comparasion V21 vs V22]

If there is any queries for OTA, please reply after this thread! Thanks! Cool For Lifel!


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Total of 3967 replies on [[Manual Update] V29 ZIP for Note 3 Lite], last reply to Yesterday 19:59

Note3Lite Gold Member Post Time 2016-4-7 00:10:36 | Show all posts
Can't update from OTA, trying manual method


same problem here, i am on v7 how to update to further using manual upadate, as there is not wireless update available  Post Time 2016-12-15 20:07
Can I update v29 for marshmallow  Post Time 2016-11-11 21:13
i am using v004 how to update v29  Post Time 2016-9-19 18:06
can i update my cpn3 lite mm to lollipop  Post Time 2016-9-13 21:36
yes me too  Post Time 2016-8-14 14:00
????  Post Time 2016-6-21 14:56
And also clear data  Post Time 2016-5-29 06:38
Just go to settings->apps->find wireless update and clear chache Problem solved  Post Time 2016-5-29 06:36
actually am on v25 i had a wireless system update to v27 but when i press reboot now i switched off and i went off not switching on manually when i turn it back on it was agin in v25 only help me ...  Post Time 2016-5-4 14:41
Sorry by mistake I clicked on oppose  Post Time 2016-4-17 22:13

Suvit_08 Cool Moderator Post Time 2016-3-10 14:26:53 | Show all posts
IRONMAN replied at 2016-3-8 12:42
Hi Coolpad pls release updates for Coolpad Dazen X7 and Dazen 1 phones....

Coolpad and dazen are not the same now !


I am using v004 can i update toh v29 directly  Post Time 2016-11-20 23:36
oky  Post Time 2016-3-27 16:51


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sjain + 10 + 10 + 10

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urlanraju Gold Member Post Time 2016-3-23 07:08:02 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Actually  V21 version for CPN3 LITE is ok
But with V22 the flash timing in camera app is not working well. Pls fix this

I had been using this phone from 1 and half months  battery is just ok

I all ways checkimg the batery at the end of the day
Phone.Idle and screen take more than 70% of battery
U can fix phone idle  issue with marshmallow update because it has doze feature.

There are bugs in screen shot and screen recording

While screen shot ,, if we touch the image only the touched part will appear other part got distorted.

Screen recording is okk but the voice in that video is in fast forward . just fix it
Still camera app is not opening quickly.


i have upgraded to v30, after 2 weeks my phone wouldn't charge,, i tried changing the charger also bt its not charging, bt i dnt know how bt its charging when i turn off the phone. can anyone explain?   Post Time 2017-1-13 13:23
n 3. Step ...Battery Volume will show right with Power Clean APK...what it mean  Post Time 2016-5-19 17:20
is this the reason why my camera giving yellowish pics with flash on? the same pics look 80% less yellowish o n laptop  Post Time 2016-4-29 17:01
thnkss for review  Post Time 2016-3-27 16:51


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yash@ + 2 Very nice

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Francis224 Cool Moderator Post Time 2016-3-12 00:32:44 | Show all posts
Vo21 is not working ,showing failed


Hello Sir, my name is Raj Saini (job sheet no. js16101701046) Please send my mobile parts & Repair to my mobile phone  Post Time 2016-11-25 00:11
Installation aborted problem solved now. OTA flashable zip re-uploaded. Download zip file again and flash through recovery. V21 users.. you have to flash V21 first then flash V22.  Post Time 2016-3-19 23:14

nirmanyu Active Member Post Time 2016-3-17 17:18:55 | Show all posts
so whats the hidden contest..?


hahaha ;p;  Post Time 2016-3-25 22:33
Find out for yourself. Just reply to the post. :)  Post Time 2016-3-19 16:39

ETHAN New Cool Post Time 2016-3-8 21:10:39 | Show all posts
Plz bring it on.. But how can I use ota update as like other phone.. Setting > about> system update

ETHAN New Cool Post Time 2016-3-8 21:14:33 | Show all posts
Update ur link first still not clickable.


updated  Post Time 2016-3-10 15:50

Nikhilpampadi New Cool Post Time 2017-8-15 13:13:54 | Show all posts
I need the download link

veezybaybee New Cool Post Time 2016-3-15 14:10:18 | Show all posts
Edited by veezybaybee at 2016-3-15 14:13

I finally flashed the stock rom today morning and I have been receiving and installing all the OTAs like eating a cake. Huge thanks to Amit (the uploader) for providing the stock here in the forum. It seems like things got messed up after rooting and then unrooting to install the next update. Besides, Kingroot already had a reputation for mobile problems as described by many users before. I guess I am not gonna root again now! Can't wait to get Marshmallow next month!

To all the people who are having trouble installing the latest V021 update, just flash the stock rom and make everything COOL again!
Thanks Aryan & Rajamt.raj03 for all the info here.
Appreciate it!

IRONMAN Veteran Post Time 2016-3-8 12:42:26 | Show all posts
Hi Coolpad pls release updates for Coolpad Dazen X7 and Dazen 1 phones....


Hi, due to changes on investment level, Dazen is no longer a Coolpad sub brand. We will not release anything related to Dazen for legal regulation.  Post Time 2016-3-10 15:49

Hukam Soni Active Member Post Time 2016-3-8 13:11:51 | Show all posts

ramesh_br Senior Cool Post Time 2016-3-8 16:05:26 | Show all posts

Vishnu008 Veteran Post Time 2016-3-8 16:11:15 | Show all posts
Nice info


Same thing happens in my phone... please help...  Post Time 2016-5-25 17:31
Sir, error coming system /bin/install-revovery unexpected error  Post Time 2016-5-22 15:19

nokia16 New Cool Post Time 2016-3-8 21:41:35 | Show all posts
thanks for the update

Babu Veteran Post Time 2016-3-9 10:46:23 | Show all posts

madhunath New Cool Post Time 2016-3-9 23:32:20 | Show all posts


Nice  Post Time 2017-8-13 10:45

tharappeljoseja Veteran Post Time 2016-3-10 14:20:39 | Show all posts
thanks for manual update

tharappeljoseja Veteran Post Time 2016-3-10 14:22:15 | Show all posts
link not working plzz update

rajamt.raj03 Super Moderator Post Time 2016-3-10 14:25:19 | Show all posts
tharappeljoseja replied at 2016-3-10 14:22
link not working plzz update

For link you have to reply on this post so link automatically unhide


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sjain + 5 + 5 + 5

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chanchu333 Gold Member Post Time 2016-3-10 15:18:05 | Show all posts


Updatation Problam Coolpad Note 3 Lite Error"No Commond" I will also reduce OTA files in sd card but after when select Menu "APPLY UPDATE FROM SDCARD" then issue error -- NO PACKAGE FILE SELECTED   Post Time 2016-10-25 12:53
how to install marshmallow in coolpad not 3 lite  Post Time 2016-10-18 21:33
i all so can't manual update 15 v27 messg fail showeing what 2 do  Post Time 2016-8-26 18:50
can anyone tell when the android 6 is coming for the coolpad note 3????  Post Time 2016-5-19 11:30
Guys can i update my phone to v21 my phone is rooted through kingroot  Post Time 2016-3-12 20:15
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