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Life hacks that will make your life easy!!

By CIA » 2017-5-9 15:48  Post Time [Others] [Copy Link]

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Simple life hacks that make your life easy

Smartphone+bottle=Cool Lamp

bottle lamp.jpg

If you are a camping lover,then this life hack for a quick campsite lamp will come in handy. Just rest a clear water bottle on top of your smartphone (make sure you keep the cap is on!), and let the torch light shine through underneath. The bottle will disperse the light better than a single torch beam, giving you the light to see what you’re doing – whether that’s reading, playing games or keeping an eye out for spiders.

Change your Smartphone into amplifier

Well, not quite. But putting your smartphone in an empty glass or bowl will help to amplify the sound. This trick also works for your smartphone alarm clock. So if you’re a heavy sleeper, pop your phone into an empty glass and set your alarm before bed for a super loud wake up call.

Elevator Chaos


A razor can make your old denim (almost) new!!

Use AAA batteries instead of AA ones.That's how!!
battery.jpg Get your device that needs AA batteries and get your AAA batteries.Grab some aluminum foil.Place the AAA batteries into your device's battery slot. ...Rip a piece of aluminum foil and curl it into a small ball.Place the aluminum foil in the gap.
And You are done!!

Wrinkly Shirt??Here's the solution!!

Stay tuned for more !!!

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s@nj@y Gold Member Post Time 2017-5-9 16:26:09 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Make our lives easier by releasing the kernel sources for Cool1 Dual...


ha ha ha! Good one!  Post Time 2017-5-12 18:49
ha ha ha! Good one!  Post Time 2017-5-12 18:49

Prajjwal Veteran Post Time 2017-5-9 16:33:32 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Awesome life hacks

Coolman Veteran Post Time 2017-5-9 19:38:58 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Wonderful hacks !

Iamakt Veteran Post Time 2017-5-10 08:10:31 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Good nice

hyberpower Gold Member Post Time 2017-5-13 11:41:34 | Show all posts
nice share...
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