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That's how you fix your water damaged phone!!

By CIA » 2017-5-15 13:23  Post Time [Others] [Copy Link]

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The world suddenly freezes when you see your phone falling straight into water. Whether it’s a pool or a toilet, you just know nothing good will come out of the next few seconds.After all, that’s a high tech device that’s likely worth thousands of ruppes, and chances are very high that it will be deemed unusable.
Let’s start by telling you that saving a water-damaged phone is pretty much a coin flip. Nothing can guarantee the device will actually be rescued.

But there is something you can do to increase the probability of your phone making through such disaster.Let's start then!!

Take it out of the water and make sure it’s off!!
I know it’s hard to react quickly when such a devastating event takes place, but you must snap out of it! The longer your device stays underwater, the lower its chances of survival are. You must dig in there and take that phone out of the water right away. Yes… even if it’s in the toilet!

Once the phone is out of the water, make sure it’s off and stays that way. Even if it seems fine… it is important to shut it off just in case. If the phone is still on, just shut it down or take the battery out if you can. Then put it in a safe place, preferably on a flat surface over some paper towels.

The good news is that even non-waterproof phones these days are generally at least a little more resistant to water than phones from years past.There are few things you should not do while your phone is in trauma!!

What not to do
The following are the things you should not do:
  • Do not turn on the phone, as we already mentioned. Electrical components don’t play well with water when operating.
  • Don’t plug it in either! For the same reason.
  • Don’t press any keys. This can push water further into the phone. It’s best to try to mess with the phone as little as possible.
  • Don’t shake or blow into the device. This could also push water into deeper areas of the phone. Especially try to avoid blow driers – not only because of the blowing part, but also because of the following point.
  • Do not apply any heat to the phone. Remember excessive heat can also damage the phone. You don’t want to add more damage!
  • Don’t move the phone around too much. Same deal; you don’t want the water moving around inside the phone.

Disassemble the phone
Don’t mistake this step with “take the whole darn phone apart”! What I mean is that you should remove everything that is user-removable. If you back cover is removable, take it off. Similarly, try to remove the battery (if you can), SIM card and SD card. Lay it all out in the paper towel.
Now, if you are an experienced tech specialist of sorts and know the ins and outs of a phone, and don’t mind risking voiding your warranty, you can go ahead and take the whole phone apart too. It might help with drying up every single piece faster. Just be careful, if you don’t know what you’re doing this could cause more harm than good.

Time to dry it out
So how do you dry your phone out? You could just leave the phone on top of the counter or inside a drawer, but some people like giving it a little help. The idea is to put it in an environment that will ease its drying process. A very common practice is to put the phone in a Ziploc bag full of rice and let it rest there for about 2-3 days.
But why rice?The idea is that rice is very good at absorbing humidity in the air, making the phone’s environment drier and hence helping dry out the device.


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sunilsolankieec New Cool Post Time 2017-5-30 09:49:50 | Show all posts
Dear Friends,

I had purchased a Coolpad mobile through Amazon in November, 2016 with one year warranty. The phone was shown defect / error in starting and it was making boot again and again, I was taken it to the service centre, they have charged me Rs. 230/- as their service charge and after that they told me, if I want to become my phone functional, I have to pay them Rs. 7,500/- for replacement of Mother board, I had purchased that phone in Rs. 7,000/-. I don’t know how they charged the customer Rs. 7,500/- for replacing the motherboard of the mobile having price of Rs. 7,000/-. I expected to replace it in free of cost as the phone is in warranty period. I don’t know what to do? I request you all please beware the misleading advertisement (full warranty of 1 year) of the mobile company (COOLPAD) and also the seller M/s Amazon Ltd. they are trying to make us fool and in other words they are the bunch of crooks.
The mobile bill with the invoice from the service centre is enclosed for the reference.

Thanks & regards,

Shamilct Senior Cool Post Time 2017-6-8 22:25:45 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
My coolpad note3lite motherboard damaged(Power IC shorted) with water ,then I visited service center they said 'This phone can't repair,this is water damage,' then I told my phone under in warranty period. but their tell me "no way"  then I asked how much cost will if I replace my Main Bord             their told 5500rp I shocked , my phone bought with 6300rp(in retail)               what is original Cost....?...!


the water damaged phone will not be considered under warranty.The service center will tell you the right price  Post Time 2017-6-9 12:22
the water damaged phone will not be considered under warranty.The service center will tell you the right price  Post Time 2017-6-9 12:22

love4chat Gold Member Post Time 2017-5-15 15:44:18 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
nice info

pamish Gold Member Post Time 2017-5-15 15:54:40 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
i did this with my nokia 2600 classic

Francis224 Cool Moderator Post Time 2017-5-15 15:59:08 | Show all posts

SKB Super Moderator Post Time 2017-5-15 23:43:20 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Useful share..

Iamakt Veteran Post Time 2017-5-16 11:41:04 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
But cpn3+ has non removable battery,so I think you should have mentioned but it is a good work bro.some information is very helpful ,good going .


Now u seems good ,and feeling happy.  Post Time 2017-5-16 20:59
Now u seems good ,and feeling happy.  Post Time 2017-5-16 20:59
I have mentioned that remove the battery, if you can!!  Post Time 2017-5-16 11:44
I have mentioned that remove the battery, if you can!!  Post Time 2017-5-16 11:44

SanketPathania Veteran Post Time 2017-5-16 12:58:48 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
nice thnxx

Kuberrocks96 Veteran Post Time 2017-5-18 10:27:56 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
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