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[Poll] Dual Camera in Coolpad?

By CIA » 2017-6-12 18:22 [Copy Link]
Hello Coolfans!!

We all look for that different aspect in a smartphone that force us to buy it.
Share your valuable concern that whether Coolpad should come up with Dual Camera setup or not.


  • Your valuable vote will help us to know what you will love to see in our Camera.
  • Choose YES or NO if you think we should come up with Dual Camera setup or not.

1.Like our Coolpad Forums Fb:
2.Vote for 'YES' if you want Dual Camera setup and 'NO' if you don't.
3.Share the reason in comments if you are choosing 'NO' and if 'YES' then what camera features you wanna see.

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Duration: 12th june to 22th June

25 users can win original Coolpad Earphones.

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Total of 85 replies on [[Poll] Dual Camera in Coolpad?], last reply to 2017-8-16 00:05

rajamt.raj03 Super Moderator Post Time 2017-6-12 18:35:35 | Show all posts
I like DSLR mode features in dual camera setup of Cool 1 so we easily focus on anything and blur background

krkr3366 Veteran Post Time 2017-6-12 18:54:44 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
I also what to take better picture like a digital camera with our phone  when we try dual camera phone will get two thinks we get phone and best camera in our  our price

manjuabhi61 Gold Member Post Time 2017-6-12 19:16:47 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
I'm fell free to use this, as it gives freeness and less space to carry.

rajamanikanta Veteran Post Time 2017-6-12 19:42:17 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Dual camera is needed along with better integration of the photos taken by two cameras ie software is required. Features like DSLR BLUR BACKGROUND ARE REQUIRED.


Yes, it's Dual camera setup is to good , day light phto is click in bokeh mode is to Clearly Sharp click. ,blur background and HDR Mode is always awesome , And PRO Mode is to outstanding. Perform   Post Time 2017-6-16 21:32

SKB Super Moderator Post Time 2017-6-12 19:59:33 | Show all posts
Edited by SKB at 2017-6-12 20:06

My vote for YES! DSLR feature or the Macro photography. Also need a lower aperture value. Earlier Coolpad launched cheapest mobile phones with fingerprint sensor and it's make a History in Budget smartphone section. Now if the company launch dual camera setup for it's next budget phone it'll create a History again.

pzeel19 Veteran Post Time 2017-6-12 20:25:48 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Dslr mode from cool one it is easy to focus loved it very much

Sandypg Gold Member Post Time 2017-6-12 20:35:38 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Very well said

Sandypg Gold Member Post Time 2017-6-12 20:36:59 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
gautam880291 replied at 2017-6-12 19:24
What is your problem coolpad humeha ota se dhyan htane wale chij kyu krte ho

Very well said

kablakanto Veteran Post Time 2017-6-12 20:56:46 | Show all posts
Advantages of dual lens camera in smartphones

Greater depth of field in pictures
Faster focus
Refocus ability
Better picture clarity
But Dslr mode should added with software effect

Iamakt Veteran Post Time 2017-6-12 21:00:22 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
I like dslr camera mode, it is great to have dual camera becoz two is always better than one.

VJVinay Gold Member Post Time 2017-6-12 21:06:11 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
I voted YES.
Phones today paly a vital role in capturing those moments of our lives that we want to share with people around. Obviously a good camera is extremely important if we want to click quality photos.
A Dual Camera setup gives a professional touch to the photos which creates a sense of importance about it for the people who see it.
Frankly most of the smartphone users today gives the topmost priority to the camera in the device. If the camera is good, you are half way there in the race.
So definitely we want a Dual Camera setup to be distinct and professionally​ sound than others.

ajaynagre Veteran Post Time 2017-6-12 21:54:56 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Sir... Y dont you provide OTA updates instead of doing this things ???... I am really worried about this.....even after 1 year u failed to give Bugfree MM...... And Took  Game of roms competition.... Just tell me what is the moto of this competition ??? ... To provide A Complete Bug free.........and what the developers do.... They are running behind Nougat.........Brothers.... I really Frustrated about this....... I am watching this about 1 year ...... Brothers... We dont want nougat we dont want Costumization.............. We want A bug free Rom which should have Basic Things Just Like Volte And Fp .......... Just try to fix MM stock bugs...........

ajaynagre Veteran Post Time 2017-6-12 21:55:52 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Hope Admins And Devs Will take this Seriously....


Great point bro.....I think they don't have quality software engineers....Almost all the phones of coolpad have same issues....Even google itself didn't take that much time to develop marshmallow. ..  Post Time 2017-6-13 11:45

Lachrymist Senior Cool Post Time 2017-6-12 23:03:21 | Show all posts
I still think that one larger and better sensor is superior than two smaller sensors. For example, Samsung S8 (single camera) takes way better images than most dual camera devices, also autofocus is very fast!
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