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What is Dolby Atmos?

By CIA » 2017-6-27 15:23 [Copy Link]

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Dolby Atmos for Smartphone

“Mobile audio has to improve”. That’s the message Dolby’s chief marketing officer Bob Borchers stressed in a recent blog post. “It’s no good having a razor-sharp image of Godzilla if his roar sounds like a mouse with a sore throat.
He certainly has a point. With more people than ever consuming cinema blockbusters on tablets and phones, money has been piled into improving screen technology without giving the same level of consideration for audio.

What is Dolby Atmos?


Dolby Atmos started in 2012 as a multi-directional sonic experience that was only available with up to 64 specially calibrated speakers placed in the walls and ceiling of a cinema environment.
More recently we’ve seen it filtering down to a home cinema setup with the right kit, but just as Dolby’s 5.1 surround sound processing made its way to portable devices and headphones, so Atmos is making the same move.

How does it work?

dolby 2.jpg

Atmos on mobile devices works through a rather clever combination of binaural headphone rendering and object-based audio.The former creates surround sound through headphones using something called head-related transfer functions, or HRTFs.

HRTFs have been around since surround sound processing first arrived in headphones, the basic idea behind them being that when you hear a sound, your head gets in the way of the soundwaves and changes them.
Your brain picks up on these changes, as well as the time difference between when a sound reaches one ear and the next, using all this information to determine where the sound is coming from.By reverse engineering this process, sound experts have been able to develop virtual surround sound that can produce, from the single speakers on either side of your headphones, sound that seems to come from all around you.

To take this a step further and create a Dolby Atmos experience on the go, technicians combine this knowledge of HRTFs with object-based audio, the foundation of Atmos, to create a more all-encompassing sound.This means that every object in the scene is packed with data that explains exactly where its sound should originate and where it should move to in a scene, placing it there with greater precision – even overhead.

Dolby Atmos and Virtual Reality

dolby 3.jpg

Another string to Atmos’ bow lies in the burgeoning market of virtual reality, thanks to a new partnershipwith VR company, Jaunt.
Further stressing the importance of sound to immersive storytelling, Dolby wants to provide an all-encompassing audio experience to match the all-encompassing visual experience you get with virtual reality.This means sounds that change as you move around the virtual environment, and help to give cues of where you should be looking and when.
In this case, the sound processing of Atmos is all done within the forthcoming Jaunt application rather than hardware, though the app will only be compatible with a select number of devices that have the processing power to handle it.

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Nice information and waiting for see Dolby atom supported Coolpad phone without root

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Awesome share

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Well explained

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Nice information

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Great explanation

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coolpad dosent have partnership with dolby

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video link-

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Coolpad also think to partnership with Dolby

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dolby atoms without root
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