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Happy Holiday Cool Fans,
        Last week we had fan meets in Delhi  and Mumbai. Cool fans were invited to meet our Coolpad Global Vice President Dr.Luo Zhongsheng and other Indian Team members. We do this to serve one purpose, that is to know more about Indian Customers, to know what kind of product we should launch to satisfy your needs.
       Obviously we need a larger meet and party with more fans and more give aways, but where to meet the most of you? The choice is all yours! Let's vote and share the reason with Coolpad India Team.
       The fan meet is under plan! Together, let's fix the city first.
Mumbai Fan Meet

Delhi Fan Meet

Delhi Fan Meet

Delhi Fan Meet


From Where We Launched "Black Note 3"

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11.92% (105)
8.97% (79)
15.32% (135)
3.41% (30)
7.26% (64)
0.45% (4)
8.17% (72)
2.04% (18)
4.20% (37)
18.84% (166)
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Total of 287 replies on [[Vote] Where Should We Have the Next Cool Fan Meet?], last reply to 2017-8-13 13:00

Safi_Syed Veteran Post Time 2016-3-7 18:46:23 | Show all posts
Edited by Safi_Syed at 2016-3-7 19:51

I think it is time to have a Fan Meet at Bangalore.
1) Reason would be because, already had one Big and one small Fan Meet at Delhi.
2) So as a small Fan meet at Mumbai.
3) It's time for Coolpad to meet it's Fans at Bangalore. Many Fans have been waiting to have a fan meet in South India region. So I would suggest either Bangalore/Hyderabad/Chennai. First preference would be for Bangalore knowing the fact that Coolpad R&D is going to start in that City So time to grab Bangalore fans heart


It should be in hyderabad. Which is going to become fab city in cmg days  Post Time 2016-7-28 08:48
Bangalore....... Bring it on  Post Time 2016-7-8 09:17
why not in kolkata at the city of joy?? we should definetely have one fan meet..  Post Time 2016-6-21 16:28
It should be Bangalore! That's where you get supercool opinions and hence understand the fans better. Cool Isn't it?  Post Time 2016-6-16 18:54
I too support for Hyderabad or Bangalore.  Post Time 2016-5-17 16:05
Yes,It should be held at Banglore,the Silicon Valley of India. Also,it is very near from chennai and hyderabad so fans from there can visit too :)  Post Time 2016-4-13 12:53


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rkb856 Active Member Post Time 2016-3-7 18:49:54 | Show all posts
Delhi is the heart of india . Many fans could not attend the fan meet due to exams . please have a big fan meet in delhi . Have fan meet in other cities but first delhi .
as delhi is dil walo ki

rajamt.raj03 Super Moderator Post Time 2016-3-7 18:57:50 | Show all posts
If there is no option for my city so I suggest Bangalore because Delhi and Mumbai already have done fans meet  in these city and other reason that I also want to join fans meet this time so I select Bangalore because my big brother is doing job in Bangalore so it easy for me to get permission from my parents ....

Gursimran86073 Gold Member Post Time 2016-3-7 19:18:09 | Show all posts

Suneet_2us Senior Cool Post Time 2016-3-7 19:26:21 | Show all posts
Definitely Chandigarh Once .......

H_K Veteran Post Time 2016-3-7 19:35:55 | Show all posts
Time to come for Fan meet at Ahmedabad because Here also many fans ready to meet others and Delhi and Mumbai already had fan meet

Vishnu.pandey08 New Cool Post Time 2016-3-7 19:59:27 | Show all posts
i could not make it in this fan meet in Delhi, so plz give us one more chance in Delhi

Devinder kumar Veteran Post Time 2016-3-7 20:16:18 | Show all posts
Nice to know that coolpad is going to Organise one more new Fan Meet

I Vote for North India
because most of the Meets held at  Delhi and Mumbai..
or Shimla
is perfect..

Coolpad Fan meet

anandhu Big Cool Fan Post Time 2016-3-7 20:28:24 | Show all posts

bknath New Cool Post Time 2016-3-7 20:34:21 | Show all posts
I have been waiting for the coolpad fan meet in Hyderabad..
Hope you consider this amazing city as ur destination for the next fan meet.
I am pretty sure that Hyderabad welcomes you with more Love . Organizing a fan meet in Hyderabad brings you more happiness &it gives you a chance to spread the Love of Coolpad  to  south India

Sujal gupta Gold Member Post Time 2016-3-7 20:35:55 | Show all posts
I should held in Delhi as is the heart of India and Delhi people are crazy for your devices

kgbiyugik New Cool Post Time 2016-3-7 20:49:51 | Show all posts
please make it possible of  next fan meet in Chennai.. We don't know why but all companies choose Delhi and Mumbai for their fan meets.. Chennai exists in India only.:p

baymax2000 Cool Moderator Post Time 2016-3-7 23:07:25 | Show all posts
Please keep the next meet at delhi
Was not able to join the last one

Zakir Gold Member Post Time 2016-3-7 23:32:54 | Show all posts
come to City of Joy Kolkata.


In Hyderabad because many #Coolfans are waiting for ur visit.  Post Time 2016-7-17 18:08
hope they come to jaipur this time  Post Time 2016-3-24 12:44


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Coolpad_hardik + 5 + 5 + 5 Usefull

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