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Edited by rajamt.raj03 at 2016-7-1 20:24

The much  awaited & much wanted, And i must say the most fought for Coolpad Note Lite Stock ROM Flash files are here.

Just use SP Flash tools to flash your Coolpad Lite.

If you like my work and downloaded it, please click "Support" and also "Rate" my thread.

Any third party who releases the file without quoting Coolpad forums will be held legally responsible!
Stock Rom for Lite V15
Download Link:

Guide link how to flash stock rom ... =392&extra=page%3D1


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Total of 1180 replies on [Stock Rom for Lite V15 SP Flashable By Amit], last reply to 3 hour(s) ago

Shawn Blaze Veteran Post Time 2016-3-18 11:00:21 | Show all posts
rajamt.raj03 replied at 2016-3-18 10:43
Visit this link

listen.. i need some help... i had rooted my cpn3l with kingroot long ago... then i unrooted it... after that few days ago i downloaded and installed v021.. during the instalation it stopped and i got an error...after that its not working... it just goes into recovery mode when i reboot it.. i dunno what to do...i gave it to the service center and they said they will change my chipset and give it in 10 days with cost of 500rs... is it true?
what should i do? will it be fixed if i install the stock rom or do i really need to change my chipset?

rajamt.raj03 Super Moderator Post Time 2016-3-11 21:24:19 | Show all posts

Bro this is not rom .this is stock rom if you have any problem with software of your lite phone then you flash this ...

rajamt.raj03 Super Moderator Post Time 2016-3-11 18:58:24 | Show all posts
Lucky Chandel replied at 2016-3-11 17:51
Nice work amit.. I always support you.

Thanks bro for always support me

rajamt.raj03 Super Moderator Post Time 2016-3-15 18:44:59 | Show all posts
HarishSonar replied at 2016-3-15 18:37
i have flashed the stock rom but while starting it shows =>[FACTORY] Written on upper left side abov ...

Try this method ... &extra=page%3D1


Bro new stock ROM Available for lite??  Post Time 2016-5-24 19:18

rajamt.raj03 Super Moderator Post Time 2016-3-12 15:43:40 | Show all posts
Ezhil replied at 2016-3-12 15:41
Yes i did that...
I started downloading ...but after is saying unsuccessful ...
Tried ...

Bro many members successfully downloaded no one have issues like which you told me try with other browser ya in pc use idm download manager


Welcome  Post Time 2016-3-18 20:25
Successfuly flashed.... Thank u bro for the stock rom  Post Time 2016-3-18 20:13

Ezhil Senior Cool Post Time 2016-3-11 22:22:38 | Show all posts
Superb !!!!
Unlock it pls...
My device is boot looped

jaykutty New Cool Post Time 2016-3-11 21:22:22 | Show all posts
i will try this rom...

Mashfar Kalathi Veteran Post Time 2016-3-11 18:54:17 | Show all posts
Excellent work bro,,
Bro unlock the link plss

Aryan Super Moderator Post Time 2016-3-11 17:52:31 | Show all posts
Great work Bro......

Lucky Chandel VIP Post Time 2016-3-11 17:51:41 | Show all posts
Edited by Lucky Chandel at 2016-3-11 17:27

Nice work amit.. I always support you.

rajamt.raj03 Super Moderator Post Time 2016-3-11 18:58:37 | Show all posts

Thanks buddy

rajamt.raj03 Super Moderator Post Time 2016-3-11 18:58:50 | Show all posts
Mashfar Kalathi replied at 2016-3-11 18:54
Excellent work bro,,
Bro unlock the link plss

Thanks bro

chaitnyags17 Veteran Post Time 2016-3-11 19:31:04 | Show all posts
Great work....  

Hukam Soni Active Member Post Time 2016-3-11 19:55:16 | Show all posts
Really need this......Now i can root my device without fear

rajamt.raj03 Super Moderator Post Time 2016-3-11 22:38:33 | Show all posts
Ezhil replied at 2016-3-11 22:22
Superb !!!!
Unlock it pls...
My device is boot looped

Bro see again when you comments on this post link automatically unlock

shikhar garg Veteran Post Time 2016-3-12 07:27:25 | Show all posts
Nice bro


Hello, I had a small quest. I had my CP N3L rooted, then i read somewhere that rooted phones cant get OTA updates. So I unrooted my n3l. After that i did get the update,but it failed to install. Why  Post Time 2016-3-30 00:56


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amitsparx + 5 + 5 + 5 Very nice

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ashishk Big Cool Fan Post Time 2016-3-12 08:39:05 | Show all posts
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