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Hi Dear Fans,
Forum is a place to learn new things, get badistance, give your suggestions and feedbacks. But many users and fans don't use forum as they thinks coolpad forum focus only on technology and developement .
Whereas Our motto is to build a community! for us it doesn't have to be a technical community it can be people loving sports or some photography enthusiasts. We also want to discuss movies , songs and even TV Series. (Lately there has been a trend of foreign TV series in India ). Be it FRIENDS or GOT we all want to share our choices and views.
So from this week:
we have started a weekly series of threads in community chat section where we will express, learn and grow together!
  • Get forum highlights from forum front page!, (Updated daily)
  • Time to time, goodies will be given for participating in specific weekly series.

Poll of the week:
Coolest choice is you defining what you expect from us . It will be a weekly poll about selection of hardware, design etc. All the responses will be recorded and report will be made on the same. These reports will always be considered while designing and pricing the device.

Snapshots of the week:
Every week we will select one theme and all the photographs will be of that theme.
Thereafter we will select photos from Photography section and we will share them in the best weekly photos.

App Mania:
In this coloumn will tell you about one good app , one which is very unique, come in handy and the one you could show off  to your friends.

Wallpaper delight :
Every wednesday Thephoneguy will share his work with us which is fresh raw wallpapers. All these wallpapers will be designed by him especially for our cool users. Lookout for this thread.

Debate/Question of the month:
We will have discussion on 1 topic! for the month, it could be related to any topic!

Ripkiller willl make sure, you get all the tech news on time!

Games and glory: There was a time when games were meant for children But now its about Glory!. The glory of beating the opponent , the glory of being the strongest among your peer group.
With games like ClashofClans, Mini Militia etc gaming has evolved a lot.
So as to keep you updated of the gaming world we will share with you one trendy game every week.
Enjoy the game as well as fame with it!

Learn some new things apart from tech! You never know!, when the extra knowledge comes in handy.
CrackofDawn will manage the same .

From hollywood with love:
Here we will give you 1 flick or a TV series to enjoy over the weekend. We want you to enjoy gem of a movie. From "The Godfather" to "The Minions"."TLOTR" , From "the Conjuring" to "The Notebook"  we will cover it all and bring out th best of hollywood cinema.

Let's rewind :
We will compile all the best threads from fans and make a thread of it. Your name will also be mentioned with the thread. (Well it's a great chance to get famous on coolpad forums)

Here we will learn ABC of tech. .
Want to learn about CPU's , GPU's, Camera lenses, Wifi , Networks or other technical stuff?
Then this thread is for you. Here you will learn all the basic things about technology .
Want to get famous in coolpad forums? And win credits too?
Well here's your chance if you like any of the above weekly series , you can also send us your article on the same. All suitable article we will publish it in the wekly series with your name as editor. People in coolpad forum will get to know you.But make sure the article is original.
For any copyrights infringement you will be respoinsible for the same.


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Total of 65 replies on [[Edit] Weekly attraction in Community Chat], last reply to 2017-5-19 22:31

luckywdp R/O Member Post Time 2016-10-5 12:26:33 | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.

Francis224 Cool Moderator Post Time 2016-7-13 18:53:39 | Show all posts
naveenkssvs replied at 2016-7-13 18:49
cool :-) we will get to learn more things!

Need all ur support


Sub: Non fulfillment of your warranty criteria of Coolpad note 3 mobile within one year from the purchase date. With reference to my purchase invoice no. KA-BLR5-141777691-1256792 dt 29.07.2016 fo...   Post Time 2017-5-16 16:36
BY RPAD. To, 11.05.2017 The Authorised Officer, Coolpad Communication Pvt. Ltd.Vashi, Mumbai Offic...   Post Time 2017-5-16 16:35

karthikd69 Veteran Post Time 2016-7-13 18:56:21 | Show all posts
Its great movement.

Francis224 Cool Moderator Post Time 2016-7-13 18:41:34 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Let's begin #coolpad community

naveenkssvs Veteran Post Time 2016-7-13 18:49:52 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by naveenkssvs at 2016-7-13 18:50

cool :-) we will get to learn more things!

H_K Veteran Post Time 2016-7-13 19:30:15 | Show all posts
This will help to grow forum more

krishna65 Veteran Post Time 2016-7-13 19:50:48 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Great move

jimshadnbr New Cool Post Time 2016-7-13 20:49:16 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Good job

RIPKILLER Cool Moderator Post Time 2016-7-13 22:59:14 | Show all posts
Lets begin guys .. We all will make this community the best

rameshurfrnd1 Veteran Post Time 2016-7-14 11:02:57 | Show all posts

baymax2000 Cool Moderator Post Time 2016-7-14 17:53:29 From the mobile phone | Show all posts


Pad... :)  Post Time 2016-10-6 21:33

heartgame Veteran Post Time 2016-7-14 21:06:20 | Show all posts
The best move by coolpad.....

sharikh252 Veteran Post Time 2016-7-14 21:30:07 | Show all posts
That's really cool #Idea

mhackersss Active Member Post Time 2016-7-15 08:36:04 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
mm update kaha h ?


This is not right thread to post such things...make sure you don't do it in future  Post Time 2016-7-15 11:50

saurav.s.kuntal New Cool Post Time 2016-7-16 06:57:57 | Show all posts
i am in big trouble ,any body can help me???
i have coolpad dazen1 and i tried it to install custom rom and now it is stucked


Please post in after sales section about your issue  Post Time 2016-7-29 11:13
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