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[2.01] Optimised Stock - CN3 - Team Innovative

By shripal17 » 2016-7-13 19:18  Post Time [Note 3] [Copy Link]

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Edited by shripal17 at 2016-11-25 01:09
Hola Cool Fans!
Team Innovative.png

Optimsed Stock 3.0 Based on MM V022: here
Team Innovative
presents OPTIMISED STOCK 2.01 for CN3


NOTE: No futher updates will be provided to this version.
Updates will be provided on Optimised Stock 3.0

Optimised Stock 3.0 based on V022: A better CoolUI8

UPDATE 2.01 (31/08/2016):
  • Support all Rotations (180° rotation support added)
  • Made NEW System Transition Animations
  • Made NEW Toast Entry and Exit Animations
  • Made NEW Keyboard Entry and Exit Animations
  • Check this video to see the animations
  • Updated CoolShow app to latest version
  • Remove some bloat
  • Updated AD Blocking files
  • Fixed Urdu text showing boxes
  • Double Tap Home Button to open Recents (Cannot implement DoubleTapOnHome to sleep feature without sources)
  • Replace UI sounds with those of MM CoolUI8
  • Fix Copying files to SD Card from PC
  • IME selector permanently disabled
  • Pre-include following Themes:
    Material Cirlce by @rajamt.raj03  
    Lone by Team Avengers
    360OS Theme by Aryan
    EMUI Gold Theme by Vivek Naudiyal
  • Ubuntu Font pre-included
  • New BootAnimation for version 2.01
Will work on Black as well as White variants

  • Pre-Rooted
  • Bravia+X-Reality+Vivid Engines Installed
  • ViPER4Android with special Effect Profile for Coolpad Earphones
  • Busybox installed as user app (Need to open it and manually install Busybox to enable init.d scripts)
  • Init.d support (see /sdcard/init.d_test.txt if it works)
  • Init.d scripts pre-installed SPECIALLY MADE for Coolpad Note 3
  • Battery tweaks at every boot
  • VM & Cache tweaks at every boot
  • Build.prop tweaks for battery saving, gaming & performance
  • FULLY AD-BLOCKED (updated on: 23/06/2016)
  • NEW Boot Logo & Boot Animation (specially made for this ROM)
  • ZipAlign all apps (system & user) at every boot
  • SQLite Optimisations for databases at every boot
  • Set highest priority for necessary apps (phone, keyboard, launcher, camera, etc)
  • Bloatware removed
  • Battery calibration script at boot (if you want to calibrate battery, charge it to 100% and reboot. Check calibration report in /data/init.d.log)
  • Interactive Governor tweaks for power saving without affecting Performance
  • Minimal cpu & battery usage in screen-off state. THIS HAS BEEN PROVED TO REDUCE BATTERY USAGE IN SCREEN OFF and ON STATE. I observed only 2% battery drain overnight!
  •     In screen on state:
            -Interactive governor will be applied at optimised automatically every time
               -Will switch to high frequency only when necessary
               -Our CN3 has 8 cores so this won't affect performance but will save battery
  •     In screen off state:
              -Powersave governor will be applied
                   -CPU0-3 will be set to 442MHz MAX Freq.
                   -CPU4-7 will be set to 299MHz MAX Freq.
                   -This much speed is more than enough for smooothly playing music with ViPER4Android effects and other tasks in background

  • See Screenstate scaling log at /data/governorscaling.log
  • All init.d logging done at /data/init.d.log
  • System hibernation tweak in build.prop
  • MTKLogger won't start at boot
  • Increased touch senisitivity without enabling Glove Mode
  • Internet Speed Tweaks
  • Memory Tweaks
  • SELinux set to Permissive permanently
  • Disabled journalism & Logging
  • EXT4 FIlesystem Tweaks
  • Sysctl tweaks
  • Battery Saving + Performance tweaks both at the same time
  • Set CFQ as default I/O Scheduler
  • CFQ I/O Scheduler Tweaks
  • Increased storage operations speed (Read Ahead value set to 2048KB)
  • Dalvik Tweaks
  • Kernel Tweaks
  • Default DPI=260
  • Special linux-based "laptop_mode" pre-enabled for battery saving
  • Default system-wide emoji pack: EmojiOne 2.1
  • Material Design Xposed Installer by dvdandroid@xda as user app
  • Trebuchet (CyanogenMod 13) Launcher as system app (Default Launcher also available)
  • IPV4 & IPV6 Tweaks
  • Pre-added JIO 4G APN

Some Notes:
1. Whole init.d log available at /data/init.d.log
2. Screenstate scaling log at /data/governorscaling.log
3. To enable developer options, tap on ROM Name 6 times
4. Xposed working and tested. Open xposed installer (will be installed by this zip) > Settings > Enable "Disabled Resource Hooks" > Come back > select "" and click Install/Update.
5. In case you want the stock boot logo and bootanim back: Download Stock Boot Logo and/or Stock BootAnim from the link


Team Innovative Members:
1. Amit Kumar Singh  
2. Aryan
3. Sjain  
4. Me

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Total of 601 replies on [[2.01] Optimised Stock - CN3 - Team Innovative], last reply to 2017-10-4 21:53

shripal17 Cool Moderator Post Time 2016-9-5 12:00:18 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
ms4umukesh replied at 2016-9-5 11:51
can i use Jio sim

4g works. Volte doesn't


Shripal bro ive done all your steps ... Line by Line but after rebooting in not able toh log into phone just stucked into boot logo... What can i do i have tried to flash it several times but never e   Post Time 2016-10-13 22:11

shripal17 Cool Moderator Post Time 2016-7-15 16:13:16 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
utsavsharma4 replied at 2016-7-15 15:32
thank you. do u mind providing torrent download link bcoz someone of us still on 2g so can't  down ...

You can use the link and import the file to other non-https based cloud storage service, and use to generate a torrent from the non=https based cloud storage you imported to

zakpuku Senior Cool Post Time 2016-8-26 12:43:03 | Show all posts
shripal17 replied at 2016-7-31 10:06
Bro update the content (features) and link on your blog post please, this is the best lollipop rom ...

hi sir i flash OSTI 2.0 Stock Rom in my coolpad note 3 white.........before flash i flash so many roms.....and last i came to "8676_I02 V15" rom......i flash osti 2.0 stock rom successfully..........and my problem is that you shown some screen shots and videos...........i am not getting like ur themes,speed and battery overnight stand back.........pls pls help me

Akhilesh260 New Cool Post Time 2016-7-13 19:30:59 From the mobile phone | Show all posts

vknairtvr Gold Member Post Time 2016-7-13 19:45:03 | Show all posts
good work

Dharmendar Veteran Post Time 2016-7-13 19:46:19 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
great work

dragnealSK Gold Member Post Time 2016-7-13 19:50:00 From the mobile phone | Show all posts

Vishak2k16 Senior Cool Post Time 2016-7-13 20:05:00 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Grt work

sunilgavali Veteran Post Time 2016-7-13 20:10:57 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
awesome team innovative great work keep innovating guys!!!!!!!

shivrajsingh Gold Member Post Time 2016-7-13 20:11:07 | Show all posts
great work. How to update to v36?

shripal17 Cool Moderator Post Time 2016-7-13 20:11:49 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
shivrajsingh replied at 2016-7-13 20:11
great work. How to update to v36?

Cannot update on this ROM

shripal17 Cool Moderator Post Time 2016-7-13 20:12:25 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Thanks guys enjoy

maran48 Gold Member Post Time 2016-7-13 20:18:15 From the mobile phone | Show all posts

h.a7865253 Cool Moderator Post Time 2016-7-13 20:30:39 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
gud wrk bro

shripal17 Cool Moderator Post Time 2016-7-13 20:32:30 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
h.a7865253 replied at 2016-7-13 20:30
gud wrk bro

Thanks bro ✌

chinari.deepak Gold Member Post Time 2016-7-13 20:51:55 | Show all posts

prince Senior Cool Post Time 2016-7-13 20:57:21 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Osm bro
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