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Understanding VR

By CIA » 2016-7-20 17:28 [Copy Link]

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Hi Fans!

VR is one of the hottest topic these days with every company trying to be a part of this segment.
Today we will try to understand how a VR works.
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Lets try to understand VR!
VR stands for virtual reality . It provides an immersive interface to user icluding touch, see and hearing.
VR tricks our brain into making it believe that we are in a 3D world.
VR use stereoscopic display. This is done by using two different angles of the scene to each eye. parallax (farther objects to you seem to move slower), shading and techniques create an almost life like experience.
images (4).jpg
Different phones have different FPS and different monitor rate thus different specs of VR. Frames per second is how fast your GPU can display images, per second whereas The refresh rate of a monitor is how fast the monitor can display images per second, measured in hertz (Hz). This means that if you are playing a game and the FPS is 120 but your monitor refresh rate is 90 Hz, you will only be able to display 90 FPS.
The VR Experience:
On Android, your phone’s accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer are used to achieve movement of the headset. The accelerometer detect three dimensional movement while the gyroscope detect angular movement atop magnetometer for positioning relative to the Earth.
All these sensor combine to give us a 3D and 360 degree experience.

Summing up:
VR is the future of technologies. VR experience is totally different from other visual experiences and with more advancements a lot can be expected from this gadget.

Soo have you tried one?

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CIA Administrator Post Time 2016-7-21 10:49:29 | Show all posts

It works but 360 degree videos will not be supported can enjoy without 360 videos.


There is no magnetic button for the actions in other vr glasses we can find a button  Post Time 2016-8-20 12:33

saijahanu Gold Member Post Time 2016-9-14 09:44:39 | Show all posts
Edited by saijahanu at 2016-9-17 11:46



Mega doesn't have G sensor, so you can enjoy VR experience but not 360 videos.  Post Time 2016-9-14 12:02

samhithstivatsa Banned Post Time 2016-7-20 20:59:31 | Show all posts
Raghu1432 replied at 2016-7-20 18:05
am asking in lite it works in lte r not

its not even remotely related to lte

coolravikumaryo Veteran Post Time 2016-7-20 17:41:57 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Nice info

TonyStark Veteran Post Time 2016-7-20 17:49:58 | Show all posts
well i didnt see VR, but it affect our eyes??


Which shoud i buy?  Post Time 2016-11-26 21:50
Bro it depends on which VR headset you buy  Post Time 2016-7-20 17:57

Prabhath Not Cool Post Time 2016-7-20 17:56:08 From the mobile phone | Show all posts

makash2786 Veteran Post Time 2016-7-20 18:30:22 | Show all posts
Good Info.....

Shawn Blaze Veteran Post Time 2016-7-20 18:31:23 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Nice work

shoaib Veteran Post Time 2016-7-20 19:44:28 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
cool thing

samhithstivatsa Banned Post Time 2016-7-20 20:58:49 | Show all posts

nope no gyroscope

RIPKILLER Cool Moderator Post Time 2016-7-20 23:52:38 | Show all posts
Good article buddy

DebayanKanrar Veteran Post Time 2016-7-21 10:46:27 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Does it work with cpn3l

akiayu13 Veteran Post Time 2016-7-21 11:12:08 | Show all posts
nice work bro!!

ranveerarora Veteran Post Time 2016-7-21 14:19:40 | Show all posts
thanks for this useful info ...................

brian_rodrigues Veteran Post Time 2016-8-8 01:20:39 | Show all posts
Great info... Can you please make a brief unboxing and review of the Cool VR 1x too...


Thanks dude... :)  Post Time 2016-8-8 14:38
sure buddy! and welcome to coolpad forum  Post Time 2016-8-8 10:54
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