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Aicp Based On Android 6.0 MM For Cn3 Lite

By rajamt.raj03 » 2016-8-14 18:38  Post Time [Note 3 Lite] [Copy Link]

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Edited by rajamt.raj03 at 2016-8-17 20:30
        Aicp Based On Android 6.0 MM For Cn3 Lite

Its mm based before flashing this u sud on mm stock rom that is coolui 8

Recovery For MM Cn3 Lite :-


Coolui8 :-

No cam bugs,bt working fine,
Sound is normal(turn off audio fx)
Xposed working fine

Download Link For Aicp :-

Sound fixed Patch

No Fingerprint

Q: After falshing rom flash gapps at same time dont reboot because in marshmallows we have to flash rom nd gapps at same time..twrp can flash multiple zip at the same time..
read all the instructions

Amit Kumar for porting it to cn3
team psycho
Pinto Thakur
septian aditya
Dhana Mari
Anis Mulla
Prince Samir
Sandeep Sethi

Sam Grande


FB_IMG_1471179918713.jpg FB_IMG_1471179921407.jpg FB_IMG_1471179923942.jpg

Installation Step

First flash marshmallow beta build with sp tool before installing this rom

After follow this step for installing Aicp rom

Download Aicp rom
- Take a nandroid backup

- Wipe cache
- Wipe dalvik cache

- Flash ROM using recovery


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grabmore84 Veteran Post Time 2016-8-15 20:05:25 | Show all posts
there is a bug. if u enable advanced reboot and reboot into recovery. u will see the magic. i will not tell you. its a major bug yet

alexxela Gold Member Post Time 2016-8-27 13:28:12 | Show all posts
Faced a weird issue, the phone starts up with about 20-24 notifications of a Corrupt SD card. And one of my sandisk asking me if i want to use it as internal or external card (So that card is detected properly)
Going to Storage in setting shows about 20 cards which need formatting all of them named as 'sdcard0'
Did some more research, the mnt/runtime/default as well as the read & write folder all show about 20 folders named as Public:179_1 ~ Public:179_24. Im assuming there are the mount points created while installing the system, tried deleting them with root explorer with no luck.
So any solution or workaround?

alexxela Gold Member Post Time 2016-8-30 13:43:50 | Show all posts
The SD/Reboot issue fixed by the Fix provided.

I would also like to mention that the rom works fine if directly flashed on 360os + Philz Recovery.

Another bug I noticed is that BT headset doesnt play music, notification / system sounds work fine. As soon as BT is connected, Music players will get stuck (Not hung). Ive tried a few different audio apps, none work. Also BT connections behave erratically disconnecting, getting hung etc.

alexxela Gold Member Post Time 2016-8-28 19:08:51 | Show all posts
grabmore84 replied at 2016-8-28 08:16
Bro add this reboot and sd card corrupt fix. It works fine ...

Thanks a lot. I was trying to get a custom kernel to see if that fixed the issue but no luck.
I'm on a black CPN3L, I should also mention i'm getting soft-brick after every restart (No recovery, nothing). This only goes away if i re-flash the Recovery through SP Tools, so had to move back to 360os. I hope you can fix the bootloop.

Great work though, love the rom, coudnt find any issues with the functionality, except these couple bugs.

rehansheikh786 Senior Cool Post Time 2016-8-27 11:16:50 | Show all posts
bugs:- 1-phone storage showing to 2 gb
           2- video recording not working,the camera maks the video but not play it
''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''btw rom is very smooth, good battery, i loveeve itt thanks devloper

Droid Gold Member Post Time 2016-8-15 01:12:34 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Great guys... Thnks... Lets see its stability....

gmohith11 Veteran Post Time 2016-8-15 11:33:57 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Can u use jio in that rom

Dharmendar Veteran Post Time 2016-8-15 16:10:39 From the mobile phone | Show all posts

Arun_Bansal Veteran Post Time 2016-8-15 17:24:07 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Grt Rom But add Gesture Bug in List

rameshurfrnd1 Veteran Post Time 2016-8-15 19:08:38 | Show all posts
great rom team thanks

Vijaywwe Veteran Post Time 2016-8-16 07:12:46 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Bro, edit thread by including sound patch zip..
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