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Dear Coolpad Users,
      The out of warrenty price for Coolpad devices are listed below.
      As a customer orinted company, we will not allow any service centre to charge you more.
      You have every right post your complaint against specific service centre in forum.

      We will always help and support.
1. All the price here listed are excluding tax, the total repair cost will be different due to tax rate of each state;
2. Labor fee will be charged for out of warrenty devices. In case the repair of multiple parts, you can only be charged one time labor fee.
3. If you are quoted a price (excluding tax) which is different from the list, Please contact with our careline 1800-102-7159 or send to Or, if you want to make it even simple, just post in this forum- After Sales Issues.

To further improve user experience, click here to join Coolpad Customer Cares Survey.

"Front Housing Assy" means Display.
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Total of 679 replies on [Coolpad Devices Spare Parts Price for 240+ Service Centres], last reply to 2017-10-17 00:32

neohack Veteran Post Time 2016-3-23 01:19:52 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
I have not seen many phone company putting such kind of rates for consumer.  This is great initiative and of course the trust of the customer will grow o  coolpad as a transparent brand.


Good work team. appreciate your efforts. really helpful.  Post Time 2017-3-24 19:10
Magar jab services center pe ye price Mai kuch nahi milta  Post Time 2017-1-1 22:44
Yeah.....this is a good move....from cool pad...but...focus..on .MM.V022 bugs plz  Post Time 2016-11-16 12:37
I have coolpad note 3.... 2 months before my battery got defected.. I contacted a service center in lucknow he told me batter costs Rs1200. Purchased the batter for theIy for the said price...... Its   Post Time 2016-10-23 14:36
Coolpad is just Awesome.   Post Time 2016-5-26 00:57
This is just Awesome from coolpad.I liked it! :)  Post Time 2016-4-13 12:06
That's true  Post Time 2016-4-7 03:48

BoNDKiLLeR Veteran Post Time 2016-3-23 16:47:11 | Show all posts
@Tigerfrancis . Gone to Touch service centre in Ahmedabad. A lady Vaishali attended me. There was no rush. She asked to mail the INVOICE to her mail that what i did. than she changed the charging socket which looks like old one, still i was satisfied that i got a replacement. she didn't gave me any slip or bill. i wen't home and checked the charger, to my surprise it wasn't working. Its charges 1 second and another second it don't... I have to again with the service center which is approx 6 k.m away from me.

abhishekv Gold Member Post Time 2016-9-15 14:32:49 | Show all posts
These are just FAKE PRICES.My coolpad note 3 lite charger is not working so I contacted the service center for new charger they are saying the price is ₹650.
I also asked for note 3 charger they said it costs ₹800.
This is the kind of after sales service provided by coolpad.


Abhi where you get the charger  Post Time 2016-12-6 15:15
@ashu_26 yes I ordered the charger for only 370₹ at the service center, but 10 days have pbaded already and the charger has still not come so I am waiting for the same.  Post Time 2016-10-1 01:34
@abhishekekv How did u get it, please help me. Service center in dadar, Mumbai is asking for rs. 950 for a charger with USB cable  Post Time 2016-9-30 13:02
How did u get it, please help me. Service center in dadar, Mumbai is asking for rs. 950 for a charger with USB cable  Post Time 2016-9-30 13:01
My issue was resolved within a few days by a coolpad guy the charger costed me 370rs including tax.   Post Time 2016-9-21 18:23

Aryan Super Moderator Post Time 2016-4-5 17:49:26 | Show all posts
Kspn replied at 2016-4-5 17:29
I have coolpad dazan 1 what is its display rate

Coolpad and dazen are not same now.......
Dazen give service for coolpad dazen 1. So contact dazen service center or dazen customer care for it.


That's good for coolpadindia  Post Time 2016-4-7 03:48

BoNDKiLLeR Veteran Post Time 2016-3-23 09:51:32 | Show all posts
Edited by BoNDKiLLeR at 2016-3-23 10:13

@Tigerfrancis My Charger is dead. Is it covered under warranty ? Will service center guys replace it hand to hand?

Athulaugustine Big Cool Fan Post Time 2016-3-22 22:21:10 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Coolpad note 3 lite headphone is beyter????


My job sheet no is Js16083000762 . I want my phone as soon as possible. Its more then a month when you take my phone. The minor problem is not fixed by your representatives. The wrost call center. The   Post Time 2016-10-5 08:13
I don't think so  Post Time 2016-4-7 03:49

Athulaugustine Big Cool Fan Post Time 2016-3-22 22:19:34 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Will be helpfull

Aryan Super Moderator Post Time 2016-4-5 11:49:43 | Show all posts
Babu replied at 2016-4-5 11:47
Need official back cover

Contact service center... You can buy from there.

sharikh252 Veteran Post Time 2016-3-22 22:07:57 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
LONG wait is altast Ended!!  Thanks for it..
It will be most Usefull..

akashnair94 Active Member Post Time 2016-3-24 10:29:16 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by akashnair94 at 2016-3-24 10:31

I have note 3 by mistake it fell down and now its screen is broken . The service center in bhopal is charging me 5500 rs

What should i do??


What is the price of coolpad note 3 lite battery in service center including tax?  Post Time 2016-5-6 23:53
Thnkzz  Post Time 2016-4-7 03:48
For list of service center near you, check this thread  Post Time 2016-3-26 11:02
The charge for display is not Rs.5500/- It's just Rs.2896 + tax. For full information check the first post for Rate. Go to any Coolpad service center and get it repaired their.  Post Time 2016-3-26 11:01

rajamt.raj03 Super Moderator Post Time 2016-3-22 21:48:35 | Show all posts
Very needed price list which we are waiting for so long time thanks bro


Yeah thnkzz a lot  Post Time 2016-4-7 03:49

Iamgyanendra Veteran Post Time 2016-3-22 22:45:46 From the mobile phone | Show all posts

naveenkssvs Veteran Post Time 2016-3-22 22:46:35 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Nice!! What do you mean by backshell??

naveenkssvs Veteran Post Time 2016-3-22 22:47:51 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Nice!! What do you mean by backshell?? Camera shell ??

aniesh1114 Senior Cool Post Time 2016-3-22 22:55:08 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Thanks coolpad. Nice idea. No more overcharging by the service centre.

chaitnyags17 Veteran Post Time 2016-3-23 07:47:03 | Show all posts
Thanks for the list...
We really need this....

Mashfar Kalathi Veteran Post Time 2016-3-23 09:03:40 | Show all posts
what is black shell?                          what price for glass replacement?

H_K Veteran Post Time 2016-3-23 09:19:58 | Show all posts
Coolpad done good job and in list of few companies who gave price list
Now everyone easy to know the price.

chanchu333 Gold Member Post Time 2016-3-23 09:48:40 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
It most helpful action for get original repairing part  of coolpad for customers!!
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