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[Hacks] Making a Cool thread

By Bad-Man » 2016-9-23 17:37 [Copy Link]

Welcome to Coolpad Community!

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Edited by Bad-Man at 2016-9-23 17:40

Some Tips:
1. Write less , instead try using some pictures!
We all love colorfull things, don't we?

2. Use the 5" and 4" rule
Make the headings with font size 5 and content with size 4!
3. Try using Text formatting with options of B,I and U.
4. Totally avoid font background color, it  makes the post look ugly!

5. Also, Don't stick to single font !
you can always change font style in between heading, sub-heading and content!

6. Use Advanced Mode while writing threads.

Using other options!

1. Using Hyperlink:
Type the URL in above option and Title in below one.

2. Text allignment, and adding bullets and serial numbers.
This part is pretty much same as : How we do in "Powerpoint"

3. Adding an Image!
Upload the image, after 100% upload,
click on the image to get it in post,
WhatsApp Image 2016-09-23 at 5.34.56 PM.jpeg
otherwise it will show after the post end.

4. Similarly, for attachment
Upload the file and , it will show at the end of post

5. Adding a youtube video:
open the video you want to share from youtube!
click on share
and make sure you select "embed" option!
Copy Embed link into Iframe option !
Your video will show after you post the thread.

Check out the cool-gadget!

6. Using a Background wallpaper!
Personally, I don't like them but you can use them , if you like!

More Images Small Image Big Image
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Total of 33 replies on [[Hacks] Making a Cool thread], last reply to Yesterday 13:39

CIA Administrator Post Time 2016-9-24 10:02:14 | Show all posts
Not sure, if you guyz checked the youtube video, BUT IT'S TOO COOL!


I had not seen it earlier... But wow, the gadget is really cool... And it looks cute too... :)  Post Time 2016-9-24 15:52

Ifadz70674 Active Member Post Time 2016-9-24 12:17:16 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Hello everybody... Is there any custom rom or lollipop update for my dazen x7 4g??? With this stock rom I can't costumize like I want. Pls... Ireally appreciate that...

saroerd Gold Member Post Time 2016-9-24 13:56:30 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Cool thread bro.. ;)

Coolpad...#coolfans can't wait long for Beast..

release few more posters, teaser videos of the upcoming 'Beast'   so we keep guessing & get all of us excited...

Also launch Cool1 Dual in India before Diwali pls...

Sachinsasi Gold Member Post Time 2016-9-23 17:56:24 From the mobile phone | Show all posts

djygkp Senior Cool Post Time 2016-9-23 18:06:51 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
How to download new theme


go to...theme zone sub section!  Post Time 2016-9-23 18:22

prasanth707 Veteran Post Time 2016-9-23 18:33:34 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
bro i need a help

prasanth707 Veteran Post Time 2016-9-23 18:33:58 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
how to take backup in cn3 lite


you can do it...using recovery  Post Time 2016-9-23 18:40

Bhanu Big Cool Fan Post Time 2016-9-23 18:49:18 | Show all posts
By mistake i done root of my cool pad note 3. So again i want to update. What i will do please
suggest me.


Unroot your device, same as suggested by Rakesh  Post Time 2016-9-23 22:51

Rakesh5897 Veteran Post Time 2016-9-23 19:57:16 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Unroot your phone. It will solve the problems.

brian_rodrigues Veteran Post Time 2016-9-23 21:28:46 | Show all posts
haha Dhruv bhai... Is this your profile too...

brian_rodrigues Veteran Post Time 2016-9-23 21:29:53 | Show all posts
btw Thanks for the tips... I am sure the tips would be helpful to especially the new users in the forum...

Razsut Veteran Post Time 2016-9-24 08:38:50 | Show all posts

Razsut Veteran Post Time 2016-9-24 08:39:08 | Show all posts

Razsut Veteran Post Time 2016-9-24 08:40:02 | Show all posts

Dvermastar Senior Cool Post Time 2016-9-24 09:46:36 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Please update the mm version. For cpn3 lite
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